“I’m the c*** you married” ~ GONE GIRL

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I watched Gone Girl earlier tonight. Never read the book and don’t really care to. All I have to say is WOW! What an incredible movie. It was truly an immersing experience. A great study in the psychology of a broken marriage in a self consumed society. David Fincher is a master at creating and capturing the little nuances in the world of Gone Girl. Ben Affleck playing Nick Dunne was just FANTASTIC, and holy crap Rosamund Pike freaking killed it.

The first act of the film, I was just following the story line and loving the development of Ben’s character. I do have to say I loved his character; he was just a straight asshole who didn’t give a shit and didn’t HIDE it. Something funny happened during the second act though, Rosamund’s character just jumped out of the screen and screamed, I AM NOT YOUR TYPICAL B.S. FEMALE TAG ALONG, and went to town with her psycho, bat-shit insane, manipulative, and scary idea of scorned woman.

The entire drive home all I can think about was how well the film portrayed the hungry media that is so quick to judge and form an opinion rather than presenting facts. How close Ben’s character came to taking the fall for his psycho wife’s’ “fake disappearance” because of how the public opinion is easy to manipulate these days.

All I have to say is that David Fincher did one hell of a job on this film. Ben Affleck is amazing and Rosamund Pike is my new hero.

“I’m the c*** you married” ~ Amy Elliott Dunne